Go Bananas

my five most favorite boys

Picture 7

cole mohr– cos he’s awesome. great personality, wicked tattoos and drop dead handsome.

francisco lachowski– bcos no one else can have an extremely gorgeous body and a little boy’s innocently handsome face at the same time

jeremy young– amazing features piercing eyes

vladimir ivanov– cos he raps like crazy

lenz von johnston– cos he’s got that sexy german accent, and is extremely funny I’d go crazy

choosing just 5 was hard. maybe tomorrow i’m gonna do 10. maybe 2o.

the more the merrier, right?


About bananaboatblues

Hi! I'm Carmel. I like sailboats.
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One Response to Go Bananas

  1. LotteK says:

    I totally agree . . . they’re my favorites, too.

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