Funky Town

Hey guys! I’m back from my holiday vacation in Hong Kong and Macau. It was a blast! The people in Hong Kong were so stylish and there are tons of good looking boys. 

I wasn’t able to spend my halloween in disneyland because of some delays but we were able to go the next day. It was like a dream come true for me. It made me feel like a kid again. The parade, the golden mickeys and the fireworks gave me the goosebumps. It was indeed a whole new world!






God, it was so priceless. I wish to go back again next year. 

Macau was awesome too. I felt like I was in Europe!



It was such a great experience. 

what have you guys been up to?


About bananaboatblues

Hi! I'm Carmel. I like sailboats.
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3 Responses to Funky Town

  1. Lisa says:

    AWESOMEEE 🙂 I wanna go back to HK too!!! I’m jealous!

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