It Takes Two

I would just like share with you guys the sexiest photo ever.

 jeremy and cole ftw!

and you know what made it even better?

Just waiting for Jeremy’s and then I could die.





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Hi! I'm Carmel. I like sailboats.
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7 Responses to It Takes Two

  1. anchi says:

    you’re so lucky , I’m add him like long time ago and his still haven’t approve me yet 😥 ( but I’m talk with him at twitter, his really nice there ), and I really wish I could be approve by jeremy T_____T
    please tell me if you been approve by jeremy, really pleaseeeeeeeeee!!

  2. I just got lucky then. Will update everyone for sure if jeremy accepts the invite. That would be epic!! 🙂

  3. anchi says:

    oooh I really waiting your update!! is that jonas kesseler approve at facebook?? is that true? 0_O
    “if jeremy accepts the invite. That would be epic!!”
    = to me it would be the greatest thing that happen to me LOL

  4. no it’s francisco lachowski. I only added a few models on my facebook. but jonas kessler is awesome too. he’s slowly developing to a favorite. i can see you like jeremy so much. i really hopes he adds us both.

  5. anchi says:

    ooh sorry my mistake, francisco it’s adorable too, I watch his backstage and his got something that could make me always remember the face lol, my sister have a huge crush with jonas so I really want to know if you friends with jonas at facebook :).
    hahahaha I hate admit it but yes I like jeremy so much lol, ooh that will be amazing :). I’m sorry if I comment you to much.

  6. Francisco is very irresistable. Most specially when he smiles. I feel like I want to squeeze him.

    I did not add jonas in facebook. I just added my 3 favorites cole, francisco and jeremy. and i’m so sad to tell you jeremy’s not confirming. 😦

    I’m happy that you always comment on my blog. It’s good to have someone read your blog. Comment as much as you can, I won’t mind. 🙂

    • anchi says:

      hahahaha he is cute and have really cute smile 😀

      ooh I see :), ooh what a sad news 😦 damn you jeremy lol, anyway look a like his kind of guy that confirm only people that he know/ have the same college like him/ people who live at the same country like him/ his busy, well that’s only my thought, I still like him anyway lol

      hahaha well it’s good to know that, visit my blog if you have time :), FYI cole is the first male model that I like and the one who make me check men model lol, so I’m just like you lol 🙂

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