Dear Life

 I went on a job interview today, just like most days. It’s tiring and not fun. And everyday I wish I’m super rich, so I don’t have to even look for a job anymore. Only thing I like about it is dressing up. 

Since I’ve been doing my best to find a job, I’ve decided to reward myself with this denim polo. Well it’s on sale and I deserve it, I think.

and since PFW is over, I have nothing left to do. So please life, send me more MEN’S backstage photos and editorials and campaigns. 


the very very vain girl who did a photo booth photo shoot of herself. ha!


About bananaboatblues

Hi! I'm Carmel. I like sailboats.
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4 Responses to Dear Life

  1. Danny says:

    Aw Carmel you’re so cute! I hope you get a job soon! That denim polo is very nice!

    Anyway just stopping by to say hello! At least we only have to wait a few weeks for NY & London fashion weeks ^__^

  2. BlackWisteria says:

    Awww same 😦 Job hunting mode ako 😐 Are you going sa Job Fair ng DLSU sa first week ng Feb? 😛 Cute ng denim jacket 😀

  3. i dont want to work diane, this is so sad. i kinda regret taking up behavioral science cos all the jobs are sooooo boring, it might kill me. and yea. definitely going. i’ll see u there, yes?

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