Sky High

Carmel’s fearless forecast on new faces you should watch out for.

Charlie France – Well, named him as this season’s top walker, walking for 19 runways. It was the first time he was up for grabs as he was an exclusive for Jil Sander (FW 09), Burberry (SS10) and Hugo Boss (SS10). Impressive, right?

Thomas Penfound – Well because I think he’s plainly adorable and he’s been getting a lot of attention after the burberry show. And he’s kinda my new favorite too. 🙂

Oskar Tranum – The Prada exclusive this season thus opening a lot of opportunities in Paris for him. He walked 8 runways and opened and/or closed 4 out of this 8. But he kinda looks like Rpatz to me. What do you guys think?



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8 Responses to Sky High

  1. Maja T says:

    Wow, that’s strange. He’s been my substitute teacher!

  2. Maja T says:

    uh! and he hates when people says he looks like Robert Pattinson xD

    • hahaha. thats funny. but he does kinda look like robert pattinson. only hotter! i wish i had a substitute teacher as awesome as oskar! i’d probably drool the whole time. haha!

      • maja says:

        haha! it’s really weird that he’s been my substitute teacher, and now he’s a model Oo

        and he looks a little bit like Robert, but I think it’s only his jaw.. idk :s

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