Sputnik Sweetheart

Last Friday, I went to a presidential forum with my friends. It’s main purpose was to help the youth choose on who to vote this coming May 2010 elections. 

I arrived at school at about 10 a.m. and the line was already so long. I knew a lot of people would come, but I did not know it would be that much. It was like our whole school lined up.  A lot of the students who lined up were not able to come in.

We were just very fortunate to get in and be seated near the stage. The forum lasted for about 3 hours. It was kind of fun. And it gave an idea on who to vote, although I’m not really certain yet.

Oh, here’s the fun part. After the forum, we were allowed take pictures with politicians. Being the fanatics that we are, we wanted to take pictures with everyone. haha.

Here’s our picture with Nic Perlas. Didn’t really know who he was before the forum but my dad said he was really intelligent and after the forum I realized he was right.

Here’s Senator Noynoy Aquino, my mom and all of my aunts’ bet. haha

Senator Jamby Madrigal is one fierce bitch. I enjoyed watching him bash Senator Manny Villar cos quite frankly, he deserves it.

The whole school is routing for this dude, Gilbert Teodoro, cos apparently he was an alumni

I’d rather vote for his wife cos she’s so gorgeous. haha. kidding. But she’s really so gorgeous. When I saw her, I felt like I was Sumire when she met Mui. hahaha

photos from my friend Regiff. haha


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