Well and Swell

Because I am an unemployed girl, running out of interesting things to do, I’ve decide to make an outfit post. haha. 

Went to school today for the job fair. I’ve been working so hard looking for a job for weeks now. I hope all my hard work pay off.

I’m headed back there tomorrow to get more of this shitload of flyers. haha.



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Hi! I'm Carmel. I like sailboats.
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2 Responses to Well and Swell

  1. It’s a tough market, but doing the right steps will yield success.

    Instead of just handing out great resumes at a job fair (which is very important), try to make a clear connection with the companies that you like. Spend some time with the recruiter, and ask about the culture. Ask them what attracted them to the company.

    Get their business card, and then follow-up a few days later. Send a personal email to the recruiter mentioning something you talked about (a “hook”). This will make you stand out above the 50, 100, or 500 other people the Recruiter met.

    Good luck on getting a job!

    Jay Markunas, Career Coach
    blog: http://GreatOccupations.wordpress.com

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