Dreamer’s Disease

Last night, I dreamt of this boy

and it was awesome.

I think one day, I would want to marry this boy, if he’d want me back.

I’m supposed to got to school today, but my friends can’t come with me so I’ve decided to just go watch this local movie everyone’s been talking about. It sucks to be unemployed when no one’s unemployed with you.

And oh, everyday, I’m starting to wake up early (10 a.m. from the usual 1:00 pm) just so I can watch the Milan Men special on FTV. Its so much better to watch widescreen than in effin youtube. They’re showing Gianfranco Ferre now and Jakob Hybholt looks especially gorgeous to me.

Well that’s it. I’m just gonna finish this 1 hour special and I’m off to the mall. By myself. As always.


photo via models.com


About bananaboatblues

Hi! I'm Carmel. I like sailboats.
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3 Responses to Dreamer’s Disease

  1. Lisa says:

    AWW CARMEL. We’re the same.. The only difference is that I’m on the other side of the world. I watch movies by myself too, sounds depressing but it’s actually fun. Anyway I miss you and lets be unemployed together lol

    • I was checking the theatre and most of the movie watchers were senior citizens. Kinda feel old. But yeah, it’s fun. But if youre here, it would be more fun. We’d spend everyday in the mall, watch movies, fro-yo… cos we’re rich like that. haha

      • Lisa says:

        I’d rather spend my money there than here.. Costs a leg and arm to go out here. You need more or less 20 bucks to survive.. And it sucks, really. 😐

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