Fall/Winter 2010 Trends for Menswear

Because I’m bored with nothing to do, I’ve decided to make a Fall/Winter 2010-11 Trend Watch.

Here goes:

Chic Utilitarian

Tux Jackets

Tracksuit Pants

Big Bags

Hiker Boots

Fur Shearlings

Military Hues

Motorcycle Jackets

Preppy School Boy


Duffle Coat



Rustic and Cozy Country Boy

Alpine Prints

Chunky Knitwear

Chunky Scarves

Warm Tones


Lace-Up Boots

Piled Up Patterns

Classy Wallstreet

Bowler Hat

Double Breasted Suits

Three Piece Suits

Shadowed Plaid


Grey Hues

Carrot Trousers


Oversized Colars

Sources: GQ, Vogue, Swide and WWD


About bananaboatblues

Hi! I'm Carmel. I like sailboats.
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3 Responses to Fall/Winter 2010 Trends for Menswear

  1. danny says:

    oh my heart! thank you for doing this!!!!
    are you gonna post them to tumblr?

  2. Ashmeet says:

    Thank you so much for the information,it was really helpful.it would be great if there are names of designers from which the pictures of runway has been taken

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