Day 6: Even After All

For the 6th day of my blog project, I could post whatever I want, hence I’m doing a 10 random things post.

  1. I easily trust people.
  2. When I say I want to be thin, it means rail thin.
  3. I feel happy when I see good looking couples.
  4. I always have a say on everything. Most of the time it doesn’t make sense, but I like talking.
  5. I like being the center of attention.
  6. There’s a fine fine line between being bored and being in love
  7. My current favorite show is Cougar Town
  8. I get new music by cyberstalking people in
  9. I just finished watching Vampire Diaries and it’s soooo good.
  10. I often get heartburns.

About bananaboatblues

Hi! I'm Carmel. I like sailboats.
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