Spring Samples

As promised, here is a review of some of the Spring Summer collections Milan had to offer.

The recent collection from Corneliani is my favorite so far. Classy well tailored pieces that showcase elegance as well as function. Getting inspiration from the concept of earth, fire, wind and water, the color palette of the collection ranged from white, beige, brown, red, grey and blue. There were a lot of cuffed shorts, pants and coats made with really nice soft cotton fabric and suade styled with cuffed ends for nice more casual look, pinstriped double breasted suits, military influenced coats, knit overalls, scarves and chic leather sandals. I also noticed the multiple pockets on the dress shirts and coats to more detail. My most favorite from the collection is the croc jacket that looked unimaginably soft and light. Very simple and well tailored. And look at it partnered with those cuffed shorts and white canvas sneakers. Perfect contrast to make the outfit look light and summery.

Again, a collection very light ranging on the light neutrals, white, beige, camel with salmon, blue, black and grey accents. The collection showcased a mix between something casual and formal by pairing formal overcoats and dress suits to tailored short shorts. It also showed a lot of translucent shirts paired with coats and sometimes used as overalls. I liked the shiny/glossy fabric used in some of the dress shirts as it adds a certain pop but at the same time it’s not too over the top. All the looks were paired with black brogues.

When I watched this collection from the live stream, I have to admit I was not a fan. It felt very heavy and dark for spring/summer. But as I got to see the photos, I found that wasn’t so bad. The collection showed a great influence in the rock and roll style as it showed a lot of leather pieces such as motorcycle jackets, skinny pants and even a trench coat. Leather pieces were given more edge by adding studs and zippers. The outfits were also accessories with chains and studded belts. We could also notice an influence of the ninja/samurai style with the cropped vests and the cork sandals. Burberry was still able to update their classic trench coat by adding nice bits of leather as details. I was also impressed with the shirt they did out of leather. I liked how innovative it was and the how multiple pocket design made it a little more formal.

OMG! Elvis Elvis Elvis! I loved this collection. And paired with the pomapadour, OMG divine! I love the creativity put in this collection. The black and white optical prints, fringed details, pointy shoes, black and white oxfords, shiny fabrics, waistcoats, sleeveless shirts, silver accessories (necklaces and belt buckles), everything is so good. It feels like it came out from an 80’s movie. I also loved the nice flowy robes paired with trunks with a nice belt detail. The mixed fabrics used in the coats where a shiny fabric, possibly satin was used to give emphasis to the colar, and the metalic details on the fabrics was also superb.

Perfect layering. This collection showcased a mix of leather pieces with nice soft pieces. Sort of a country meets rock and roll type, this collection partnered edgy washed fabrics of jackets and shorts with sheer cardigans with nice scarves and bohemian belt accents. This collection also gave us scrunched up trousers and short trench coats for a more casual yet still chic look.

photo credit: daylife and wwd


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