Spring Samples 2

Because I enjoyed reviewing the collections, I decided to make a part 2 for Milan menswear collections

To be honest, this is an impressive first show of Sarah Burton as it maintained McQueens signature creativity and innovation. I love the silhouettes of the wide legged pants with a very bright printed fabric. It felt light and flowy but it still managed to pop up. We were also able to see cargo pockets and tailored jackets in the collection. Angeled jackets and sweaters gave the collection an edgy look. I adore the gradient grey fabric used for some shirts and jackets. I love how it gave a sort of metallic feel to a light fabric. The gartered ends and scrunched-up  styling on the sleeves of the shirts and coats also added a bit more body to the shirts.

Probably the most exquisitely tailored suits and pants I’ve seen ever. Paired with some oversized fedoras and brogues make up a very high end look. I also love how they broke the neutral colors of blues, greys and blacks with a bit of taupe, mustard and green. Also loving the black suit white pants pairing. Elegant and very very chic!

Very sartorial. Using neutral shades of blue, grey and beige with contrasts of oranges and chocolate browns, the collection showed chinese collared shirts, linen trousers, double breasted suits and loose knit sweaters. Outfits were styled with loose leather belts, aviators and scarves. The leather piping details on the outerwear was also a good touch.

Unlike the skinny pants trend that we are seeing all over Milan, Ferragamo chose nice breezy trousers for this collection. It also showcased a wide array of double breasted suits and jackets, chunky knitwears and belted trenches. The looks were accessorized with yellow scrves to break the white, blue, grey, beige palletes and sandals and oxfords for footwear. The collection also featured duffel coats, made of light fabric, paired with tailored shorts and white canvas sneakers. A common coat for usually used for fall winter, now also used for spring summer. Awesome!

We seen a lot of Southeast Asian inspiration in this collection. From the patterned prints, the Thai inspired shoes, rounded colars and the fibre fabric with a translucent effect. The bags also showed Asian inspirations because of the weaving and wooden material. There were also knits with hole patterns as design and belted trenches. Detailing of the clothes included embroidery  and leather buckles.

The collection showed a wide array of fabrics such as suade, linen, leather and satin. There were a lot of tailored suits, both double breasted and three buttoned, sporty jackets, cropped trenches and motorcycle jackets. Typical Gucci, the collection still contained chunky knitwear but this time more loose for the summer. Scarves were also present as accessories and they used moccasins, loafers and rope sandals for footwear. Really impressive big leather bags with nice detailing.

A very well made collection. Very simple pieces but did not fail to show creativity and great craftsmanship. Great tailored, slim pants and suits. I love the color contrast between the blues and the brick reds. I also appreciated how the deconstructed coats made of mixed fabrics did not look tacky. There were also nice square and linear print to break the neutral hues.


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  1. Canister Set says:

    leather bags look really nice specially those natural leather bags, ;,,

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