Paris Pepper

Paris S/S 2011 favorites

Very soft, feminine, almost gypsy look for the guys at Alexis Mabille. It almost felt like looking at gods. The clothes are very fresh, light and laidback. I love the touch of dusted gold on the silk fabric as it made the clothes feel easy and sophisticated at the same time. Coats and tunics were given more body with leather belts. The collection also featured a number of jumpsuits, biker tux and ponchos paired with rope sandals. Totally digging how the androgynous look is starting to be a hit now.

Bleached denim and mixed fabrics were featured at Dries van Noten’s new collection. Unlike the cool, sartorial, resort look with tailored shorts paired with leather sandals we’ve been seeing, Dries opt to go another direction. It featured baggy short and army boots paired with splattered paint shirts and coats and jackets with contrasting sleeves. A collection that is able to be edgy and classy at the same time.

Stunning stunning collection. I love the variety in this set. From one moment you are seeing flowy, soft, shirts and jumpsuits, then after a while there’d be a drapey jacket or pants with splattered paint fabrics, and then after you’s see nice out of this world astronomical printed fabric complete with 3d glasses. Talk about too much awesome. And the shoes are so gorgeous as well. Before, I wasn’t really into sneaker sandals but this collection totally changed my mind. And kudos to casting Dufour. I don’t think anyone else could pull off that silky almost like a dress/cover-up over white pants look.

I’ve always had a thing for Juun.J and I must say this collection did not disappoint. I would continuously be fan of suberb layering. Perfectly draped shirts, drop crotch pants, tailored coats and cargo pockets with bits and pieces of leather mortorcycle jackets and finished with thong gladiator sandals. the touch of bright red is good too.

Very bohemian chic. Lightweight jackets, loose knits, and jackets with tattoos! I love the color palette: the neutrals: grey, black, beige, white, different shades of blue and accents of mustard. Great tailoring, gorgeous bags and stunning sandals.

A simple yet gorgeous collection. I love that great tailoring of each piece. Tight waisted coats looked so chic and classy. I also love the texture added on the colar of the coats. And also the shoes is this collection, HEAVEN!


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