Paris Pepper Deux

Paris Menswear SS11 Favorites part 2

I am a sucker for classy pieces and this collection was able to deliver for me. I love the well tailored coats, especially the camel leather ones and the red suede. I love the skinny ankle length fit of the pants, giving off a very sophisticated look. I also like touch of the obi belts giving more form. Finally the nice pop of color from the shoes gives the outfit a nice finish.

I always look forward to seeing the collection of John Galliano because I love his creativity and theatricality. I love how his shows always have a theme, and I love how the boys always always looks good despite the heavy make-up. For this collection, I love the waisted belts added to the coats, the hats, the trunks with cloth buckles and the lace jacket. I’m not really crazy over the collection but good delivery is good enough for me.

Beautiful beautiful collection. It was so hard for me to pick out favorite pieces because there were so much good stuff.  I love the brocade suits and the see through tops. The pants were so nicely  tailored. I also love how they used animal print as a pop from the neutrals. I love how they were able to make so classy and manly because normally animal prints looks super tacky on guys. And oh, I am loving the masks. To be honest, it’s not really something we haven’t seen before but I don’t know, it works for me. Kinda like an ultra chic megatrooper, yes?

You might have noticed by now, that besides the classics, I am an extreme fan of layered drapey pieces. This collection is not an exception. I love the rock and roll feel with slim fit leather jackets over nice loose tops.  The drop crotch cropped pants looked amazing too. All looks were finished off with black army boots for the complete rock and roll vibe. The silhouettes in this collection is pure love.

A very nice, casual, easy going collection. The Breton shirts over duffel coats and colored coats, oh my god, gorgeous! I love how simple the pieces are but how perfectly styled together. Very sailor like plus the news boy hats. So perfect. I would have preferred though if they casted more eye candies. hehe. But awesome collection nonetheless.

Kris van Assche has always been a favorite. For this collection, there was a sort of worker vibe going on, were the models have greased dirty hands. Very sharp tailoring, as always. Nice crisp shirts over pleated pants with linen coats. I love the splattered grease effect as it gave a sort of contrast to the crisp tailoring. Another job well done.


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