Octopus Dinner

Last night was such a bad game, I can’t even. I woke up 2:30 am with hope in my heart that Germany would make it to the finals. But that game crushed my heart. The last minutes I couldn’t even watch. It was too painful. I was so frustrated because we kept losing possession. We spent so much time defending (which was good defense, in all fairness), and had very few attempts at the goal. I couldn’t help but wish the Mueller was there. He could have done something, that’s for sure. But, despite this loss, I’m still so proud of Germany for making it this far, for giving us such good games, for letting us gain new friends as we all cheered for this team. I would like to give them all a hug. Klose, Schweinsteiger, Podolski, Kroos, Lahm, Özil, Neuer and everyone else.  Danke Deutschland. We’ll still be cheering on Sunday. 🙂



And of course, I’d still be watching the game on Monday and sport my FIFA eye bags. I love my Dutch boys too. Van Persie, don’t let me down.

p.s. I didn’t know World Cup could cause me so much stress. I was just in it for the boys when this all started, tbh. :))


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Hi! I'm Carmel. I like sailboats.
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