I remembered the time I started to like models. I got so crazy with the skinny punk boy look. Think Cole Mohr, Ash Stymest. As my growing fascination for models continued, the types of boys I liked evolved. Mostly they were still the skinny ones, but there came a time when I liked the beefy Brazilian ones, one in particular (Francisco Lachowski). It’s kind of like mood swings. Flavors of the month. Phases.

If you read my blog from time to time, you’d probably have guessed that I’m in to the androgynous male models now. It’s the oddness that makes it really beautiful, I think. With that, I would like to share my top 5 favorite androgynous models.

(Ph: David Vasiljevic)

Marcel Castenmiller – Duh! This was so obvious, right. I’ve made quite a number of posts about him already. There’s just something about him that makes him so cool. I also feel like he has a good personality. And I don’t think I could say it enough, but he is just soooo beautiful. Possibly the most beautiful I’ve seen, ever. And I think other people are feeling this too since he’s been booking a lot of shows last fashion week and note 2 major campaigns for FW10: Versace and Fujiwara!

(ph: Jono Namara)
Jaco Van den Hoven – Now this is not surprising either. How could you not love this boy. He’s so charming. And those blue eyes just pierces right through me. I wish he would get more work though. I’ve seen him doing a lot of work in Japan but I think he would fit the Parisian look. I hope the casting directors see that. ‘Til then, I would just be continuously routing for this boy.

(ph: Alfonso Ohnur)
Tomek Szczukiecki – This boy is just captivating. He is so beautiful, I’m out of words. He’s like a gypsy. Always always takes stunning photos and looks marv on the runways too. His beauty is just so in demand this season booking the Paul Smith and Versace FW10 campaigns, kudos Tomek!

(ph: lirfons)
Michael Tintiuc – A recent favorite. After following his lirfons tumblr, he started to grow on me. Not only does he have a stunning face, he also has a great style and he styles and designs clothes too. And oh, did I mention he skateboards? Is that just cool or what?

(Ann Demeulemeester FW08)
Paul Boche – One of my favorite Germans. He’s got very strong features and I think it really looks great, especially on pictures because it gives off a strong character.


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4 Responses to Androgyny

  1. anchi says:

    tomek and paul is love ❤

  2. nancy says:

    Marcel he s so nice i saw hiw various times here in Milan(during f.week) and Jaco!!!well honestly when i saw him in June outside Fujiwara show i thought he was a girl!! how cute its this guy;)

  3. Mat says:

    i love michael and tomek, you must to know Andrej Pejic.

  4. sora k says:

    haunting! like jaco better than andrej^^

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