Banana Boat Blues Episode 1: The Fulfillment Pizza

So I have decided to share some significant events in my life, as they occur. So that someday, when I grow old  and gray, I could show this to my grandchildren as if imparting to them some words of wisdom.


I was feeling a bit bored and unproductive. I have been stuck at home for almost a week now since I decided to quit my job after a day (Monday). My friend tweeted she was having pizza. I suddenly got the crave. I checked on my wallet. The only money left was the money my mom gave me as allowance for my work expenses. Since I quit my job, she’ll probably take it back. But I was really craving for pizza. I thought “Oh, what the heck! She wouldn’t mind. (Of course she would)”. So I googled the pizza menu. I ordered via phone. The operator told me the waiting time is 45 minutes to an hour. I said “Ok.” Less than 30 minutes after, the pizza delivery man already arrived. I was happy the pizza arrived early. Just in time for Cougar Town. I was thinking the pizza only had four slices. I thought the pizza I ordered was solo size. Turns out it’s for a single person with an appetite for two. And I am a girl with an appetite for one half. I took out one slice and gave it to my maid. And now, it’s my turn. I wonder if I could eat that much. I must stop thinking now and just eat. And so I did. It felt like the good life. Comedy and pizza. I was about to get cola from the fridge for the full lazy couch potato effect, but I realized it was too bad ass for me. So I sticked with water. While eating the fifth slice, I realized I was already full. But I still continued. After the sixth slice, I felt bloated already. But then, I had only one slice left. To eat or not to eat. EAT. EAT. EAT. And so I did. I had to push it with tons of water for it to go down. But I did it. I finished 7 out of the 8 pizza slices. Good for me.



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