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Surprise Ice

Kings of Convenience concert later. I can’t believe that it is happening. The moment I woke up, it was all I could think about. CONCERT TODAY! ERLEND OYE TODAY! I’m so excited, it’s like the whole day today, my heart is beating … Continue reading

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Day 4: White Flower Doodles

I’m not really a big fan of reading books, but I recently forced myself to start reading just so I’d be a little less stupid. One book I loved was Looking for Alaska by John Green. It was something easy … Continue reading

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Day 3: Just because you’re leaving doesn’t mean I’m letting you go

My most favorite show in the world because I used to be a dramatic teenager who’s obsessed with sarcasm, skinny bitches and ponies. ithankyoubow.

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Skream Vamps

Because I’m rewatching male model videos and I love taking screencaps. the face of a maneater. zoolander blues cheeepmunk favoritism

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Day 2: Hamburger Phone

(via weheartit)

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L’Officiel Hommes Germany… Come to me!

because I’m a sucky sucker for stunning editorials with beautiful boys. 😥 I need this in print. I need this in my life.  Dear Philippines, why do we not have good mens style magazines? Why are we not even shipping … Continue reading

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Day 1: Homesick

Cos I no longer know where home is. Homesick – Kings of Convenience

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