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I remembered the time I started to like models. I got so crazy with the skinny punk boy look. Think Cole Mohr, Ash Stymest. As my growing fascination for models continued, the types of boys I liked evolved. Mostly they … Continue reading

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Spin your top

With movies, I normally have very low expectations. It’s so easy for me to like a movie, cos I don’t really set a level, you know. I want the movie experience to be stress-free and light. So most of the … Continue reading

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Scottish Skwatings

So, menswear fashion week is done, World cup just ended and NYFW doesnt start til September. I have nothing left to do. So I decided to watch Trainspotting. I heard from a person I follow in twitter that it was … Continue reading

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Octopus Dinner

Last night was such a bad game, I can’t even. I woke up 2:30 am with hope in my heart that Germany would make it to the finals. But that game crushed my heart. The last minutes I couldn’t even … Continue reading

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The Case of the Lost Pants

(Christian Ochsenfahrt | Ph: Marthe Sobczak ) So I woke up to the voice of my sister, shouting at me, saying that I lost the pants I borrowed from her. I wasn’t in the mood to fight with her so … Continue reading

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Sticker Board

I’d just like to share the new background I made for my tumblr. It looks like a sticker board, doesn’t it? ­čÖé I remember when I was younger, I love collecting stickers and putting them on sticker boards. But now … Continue reading

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Photobooth Diaries

pizza dinner ┬áthe day i cut my bangs and it looked horrible fake bleached eyebrows haircut ┬áthe day i tried to dye my hair using kool aid. haha fake chanel ss10 nail polish the day we had to finish a … Continue reading

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